TPU coated  Polyester/Nylon yarn 

                                           1. TPU coated yarn can be woven alone or mixed with other material such as nylon or polyester. TPU coated yarn  is different from other embroidery                                                           threads, for no base fabric is needed in regardless of TPU’s thickness when machine operating. TPU coated yarn can be used in flat knitting machine,                                                            circle knitting machine and warp   knitting machine.

                                                 2. Different proportional TPU coated yarn can made to cater to different requirements. Labor saving and be automation by using existing facilities factory have ( Time ,Labor ,                                                         Process  simplification ) compared with No-sew & PU cast .

                                           3. It has characteristics of high abrasion resistance, great color fastness, excellent water repellency, excellent  bonding, molding great impact resistance,                                                excellent scratch resistance 2D/3D effect. 

                                           4. The heat-pressed abrasion resistance of TPU coated yarn can be  10 times as strong as the original one. 

                                           5. Woven fabric has been used in sports, outdoor goods, bags and suitcase, and electronics.


Laide V 

Continuous filament polyester thread, bonded

                                               1.  Laide V bonded, twisted continuous filament   polyester thread, has exceptional bond cohesion. 

                                               2.  could provide excellent sewing properties. 

                                               3.  Combining superior sewability with excellent UV  and high tenacity.



Continuous Filament Polyester, Special 

                                              1. Fooantip thread owns excellent lubricated properties, which can be appled high-speed sewing machine. 

                                             2.  Fooantip thread has high strength and low stretching properties that can provide exllent sewing effect, uniform and tide comsetics. 



Continuous Filament Polyester, Low elasticity & Low Twist

                                              1. Supertip has excellent anti-broken properties. 

                                              2.  It can be applied to high-speed sewing machine. Even sewing trail and tide cosmetics are the charactertics of  supertip. 

                                              3.  High UV resistance properties.



Continuous filament polyester, braided, waxed. 

                                              1. Fooanwax is the high tenacity braids polyester thread that has tight construction and the special waxing treatment, which can prevent thread ends 

                                                 frayed and broken. 

                                            2. Can be applied to very tight seams and fastening of knots. 

                                            3. Highly-recommended  for hand-sewing and lacing of moccasin uppers and leather  goods as well as the  thick and hard  sewing materials.





           Continuous filament polyester, braided           


                                                   1. Fooankint is made from continuous filament of Polyester, that allows you to produce attractive, controlled and fine decorative  seams. 

                                              2.  Can be used on all high-strength sewing materials, such as  moccasins, soles, rands and welts.



Special embroidery thread 

                                                 1. Fooanart offers superior lustre and durability, which      makes it a popular choice among embroidery  customers seeking for 

                                                             performance and durability.  

                                                 2.  Unique lubrication offered high productivity 

                                                 3 .  Oeko-Tex Standard 100, class I, certified, which can be used for the most stringent class textile items of  babies and toddlers.



Continuous filament nylon 6.6, outside bonded

                                          1.  The high tenacity nylon allows for outstanding strength and durability. Its unique bond chemistry and proprietary coating 

                                                       technology produces a strong and supple thread with no ply untwisting, no flaking and no 'sewn in' colour change.

          2.  Nylond is specially formulated lubricant for high temperature resistance and smooth operation through the needle eye 

                                               without breaks, skips or staining. It has controlled stretch characteristics for good loop formation and tight, firm and 

                                               balances stitches.


FooanIB & FooanV

Continuous filament nylon 6.6, inside bonded

                                            1. FooanIB is the high tenacity nylon that can offer  outstanding strength and durability, provide superior  abrasion resistance to the sewing product.

                                            2.  Its unique bond craftsmanship and coating technology  that is suitable for double needle sewing . 



Continuous filament nylon 6

                                              1.  Fooanlon is made from continuous filament of    Nylon 6 , which has excellent elongation properties. 

                                              2.  Soft, low friction finish which reduces the effects of needle heat and offers excellent abrasion resistance.



100% continuous filament nylon 6.6

                                1. Stretch it. The multi-talent for all elastic materials.

                                               2. Provides a stretch reserve for all seams.

                                               3. With FOOAN Elas, all seams become highly elastic.

                                               4. Highest elongation and best sewability.

                                               5  .Made with 37 % biopolymers from renewable resources.



Continuous filament nylon, Braid 

                                               1. Fooanmark-N is made from continuous filament nylon.

                                               2. high tenacity.

                                               3. Its cross section is round. It can be used on all heavy  sewing materials and fine decorative seams.


Transparent Thread

 High strength nylon, Mono filament 

                                              1. Fooandit has transparent features. 

                                              2. High tenacity, Stable diameter, Uniform lustrous. 

                                              3. The hand-feeling softer than soft nylon or bonded nylon.



Continuous Filament Nylon, Multicolor

                                               1.  Fooaniris is a sewing thread and embroidery   thread, which is made from continuous filament nylon or polyester, Nylon has better gloss

                                                    than polyester. 

                                               2. The three colors, five colors or seven colors dot dyeing. Different color for each segment . 



Staple spun polyester

                                             1. Fooanpet is spun polyester thread. 

                                             2. Less hairiness on the surface compared with  COATS. 

                                             3. Specially lubricated to deliver excellent performance sewing. 



                                                                                Polyester Mark Thread

100% Staple Spun Polyester

                                              1.  Fooanmark-C is spun polyester thread which can be used for very tight seams and fastening of knots.

                                              2.  The cross section is round and having fine personalized decoration.



Cotton-wrapped with polyester filament  core

 1.    It is a corespun sewing thread that combines a high tenacity polyester filament core with a natural cotton cover. 

                                                  The filament core offers excellent strength and durability, while the long staple cotton wrap ensures excellent 

                                                   sewing performance and protects the core from needle heat.

                                           2.    Our  sewing thread has a high tenacity polyester filament core that allows you to use finer thread sizes  when

                                                  required. This improves seam appearance without compromising on seam strength. In addition, Fooan c-core 

                                                 offers outstanding abrasion resistance, perfect for your demanding denim and workwear applications.



Polyester-wrapped with polyester filament core 

                                             1.  Fooancore is a high-tech corespun thread that combines a high  tenacity polyester filament core.

                                             2. High seam strength and high temperature stability are required.

                                             3. Excellent sewing performance at low tension under the  most   demanding conditions .    



100% cotton glace thread

                                              1.  FooanIII has high quality, nature  cotton which is treated  by a specially formulated glace. 

                                              2.  FooanIII made by natural cotton features non-frayed and smooth  surface.

                                              3.  Suitable for hand-making leather products, no pilling  charateristics and bending . 


Ramie Thread, Waxed

Natural ramie fiber

1.   Ramie thread, waxed is a hand sewing thread made from natural ramie fiber and has been through special 

                                                                 waxed process.

                                                            2.   The product has characteristics of round shape, high strength, good color fastness, balance in stitch, great 

                                                                  lustrous surface, fine texture.



Luminous  thread 


                                             1. PBT/PP continuous filament is  high-tenacity     P.B.T or PP fibre thread which is designed to deliver a special “ Glow in Dark “


                                             2.  Non-radioactive, toxic-free, soft, and washable.

                                             3.  Physical performance: excellent ageing resistance, great color fastness, good temperature resistance, fine and durable

                                                 luminescent performance.



Cut-resistance yarn 

                                             1.  Augus is made from Ultra High Molecular Weight Poly and is gel-spun, self-lubricating thread.

                                             2.  High abrasion-resistance, cut-resistance  and extreme light thread.     

                                             3.  Excellent seam strength,10 times as strong as steel, 40% higher than Kevlar's strength.



Retro-reflective thread

                                              1.  Fooanply Retro-reflective thread is a high-quality thread, which is suitabel for workwear, protective clothes, apparel 

                                                   and accessories. 

                                              2.  Help to enhance object's visibility at night or in poor weather condition, when illuminated by a light source. 



Kevlar       Bullet-resistance thread

                              1.    Extremely high-performing para-aramide special sewing thread for technical textiles requiring cut and heat protection; 

                                                    self-extinguishing and non-melting; permanent temperature resistance up to approx. 170°C; decomposition temperature

                                                    at approx. 425°C

                                             2.     It is made from high-modulus Kevlar which is a flame-retardant material. FOOAN Kevlar is harder than steel and has 

                                                    great physical performance such as flame resistance, high temperature resistance, arch resistance.  

                                                    3.      It's used in  protective shoes, body armour, industrial gloves, filtration.



High tenacity continuous filament polyester with a conductive material

                              1.   FOOAN AST is a lubricated polyester thread made from high tenacity continuous filament polyester in combination 

                                                    with a conductive material, designed for use in applications where electrostatic charge is a problem (e.g., server rooms

                                                     or places where flammable materials are stored or used).

                                              2.  FOOAN AST has a special anti-static finish applied to it and has been specially designed to prevent static build-up in 

                                                     garments, footwear and other products.

                                             3.   FOOAN AST is made from a certain percentage of stainless steel fibre combined with high-quality continuous polyester, 

                                                   and has been  through twisting process.

                                             4.  It is highly conductive, washable, resistant to swear, soft, comfortable and suitable for high-speed sewing machine.



Metallic yarn combined with continuous filament polyester

                                                     1.  It is made from 30% metallic yarn and 70% continuous filament polyester.

       2.   It is washable and comfortable, and widely uesd in apparel, fabrics and lace, shoes and hats, trademark, lifting rope, accessories.  

                                              3. It has characteristics of special metallic texture, high strength, balance in stitch, good color fastness.



Silver yarn combined with continuous filament polyester

                                                   1.  It is made from 30% silver yarn and 70% continuous filament polyester.

                                             2.   It is washable and comfortable, and widely uesd in apparel, fabrics and lace, shoes and hats, trademark, lifting rope,


                                            3.   It has characteristics of special silver texture, high strength, balance in stitch, good color fastness.



polyester or nylon

   1.   Hot melting thread is made from sliced polyester or nylon, which has been through special drawing process and twisting process.

                                           2.  The melting point of hot melting thread is 115℃ under hot and dry condition, 105℃ under hot and humid condition.

   3.  The melting point of nylon-made hot melting thread is lower than that of polyester-made hot melting thread, which is 80℃ under 

                                                hot and dry condition, 105℃ under hot and humid condition. Therefore, nylon-made hot melting thread is also called low temperature

                                                hot melting thread.

        4.  The two type of hot melting thread can be melted completely at fast melting speed. It is highly adhesive with short solidification time

                                                after the heat gone.

                                           5.  Nylon-made hot melting thread is better to match with nylon material so does the polyester-made hot melting thread. 

                                                6. Hot melting thread is environmentally friendly product and a perfect substitute for glue.